Aktuelle Promotionsprojekte am SITE

Welche Themen erforschen unsere Doktoranden am SITE?

Aktuelle Promotionsprojekte am SITE

Laufende Promotionsprojekte (Arbeitstitel)

  • Florian Bayer: The Entrepreneurial Logic of “Effectuation”: Decision-Making Under Uncertainty
  • Tim Blume: Development of a new taxonomy for corporate open innovation initiatives – A detailed validation among Germany’s 500 biggest companies
  • Jens Butschan: Neue Aspekte der Industrie 4.0 – Eine empirische Unterschung der notwendigen Kompetenzen im Humankapital
  • Martin Esch: Innovative Strategic Decision Making – The Importance of Integrated Information
  • Nadin Eymers: Die Rolle des Controllers in der digitalen Welt
  • Elena Freisinger: The Bright and the Dark Side of Business Model Innovation: An Empirical Analysis of Drivers of BMI Success and Failure
  • Julia Giessler: Security in the Context of Digitization & Technology
  • Nicolas Goetz: A Person-Environment-Fit-Model for Temporary Organizations – A Framework for the Connection between Personal Attributes, Permanent Organizations and Temporary Organizations
  • Markus Gröber: How Valuable Are Personal Values? – Investigating Personal Values and Their Effect on Success in Sports, Entre- preneurship and in the Digital Age
  • Sabine Kaiser: Business ecosystems
  • Gerrit Kolweyh: Innovation Initiatives and Strategy
  • Alexander Krüger: Determinants and Consequences of Bootlegging Innovation
  • Philipp Lill: Dare to be agile: An empirical analysis of innovation management control systems in the context of agile project management
  • Deborah Nasca: Budgetierung in der digitalen Welt
  • Christian Pohl: The influence of innovatiions along the travel chain on customers’ perception
  • Britta Sarwari: It’s not about the Conscious Act: Investigating the Undervalued Threat of Unintentional Deviant Behavior in the Context of Social Engineering
  • Laura Schlecht: How the blockchain technology as innovation trigger leads to transformational changes in traditional business models
  • Alexander Schlüter: Service Co-Creation
  • Benedikt Schnellbächer: The Design of Individual Ambidexterity
  • Philipp Thiele: Organizational and Individual Consequences of Contemporary Planning and Budgeting Practices in Uncertain Environments
  • Pascal Vermehren: Contingencies and moderating variables of BMI: BMI in German family businesses
  • Martin Vitt: Cross-Functional-Product-Innovation
  • Alexander Wenz: Business Model Innovation: The Role of Organizational Ambidexterity
  • Hanna Zedler: The Impact of organizational culture on Innovation Management

Abgeschlossene Promtionsprojekte 2017

  • Ulf Diefenbach: Less is not always more – Investigating Constituents and Behavioural Aspects of Cost Management
  • Fabian Futterer: Business Model Innovation as Silver Bullet in the Competitive Landscape – Conceptualization, Entrepreneurial Antecedents and Performance Effects
  • Jürgen Harrer: Performance Measurement im Bereich Corporate Security
  • Pascal Kranich: Geschäftsmodellinnovation in der Antriebstechnik
  • Thomas Spanuth: The Strategic Value of Temporary Organizations – An Empirical, Micro-Macro Investigation on Dynamic Capabilities and Individual Behaviours in the Context of Temporary Organizations

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